Our Story

The PLEXUSS Foundation was founded by a team of passionate leaders in education and technology who are committed to providing every student with access to quality college counseling services, regardless of where a student goes to school or their socio-economic status.
In the wake of the 2019 College Admissions Scandal, the profound inequities between those families with resources and those without became more apparent than ever. The PLEXUSS Foundation’s core mission is to ensure that every student in America can enjoy the expanded access to post-secondary educational opportunities that often come with personalized college counseling support.
Since its inception in 2019, The PLEXUSS Foundation has committed to investing its resources in leveraging technology and professional counseling in order to amplify access to higher education opportunity by providing all students no-cost on-demand college admissions advising services
Our Vision
We believe expanding social capital and access to the right post-secondary opportunities can transform our world. Access to these opportunities not only expands economic equality but also ensures an educated populace that can tackle the globe’s existential challenges. We foresee a time when every student no matter their geography or socio-economic background can obtain the personalized guidance and mentorship that enable each student to:
Our Mission
Our mission is to provide every student in the United States with tools, mentorship, and personalized advising to ensure enduring success.
The PLEXUSS Foundation believes social capital is the key to expanding economic opportunity. We believe a great starting point is by empowering students everywhere so they can access the best high-quality educational opportunities after high school. This access should never be limited by the lack of adequate college counseling resources at a particular high school or because a student’s family cannot afford to pay for costly private admissions consultants. Our mission is to provide every student in the United States with tools, mentorship, and personalized advising so they can access transformational higher education opportunity that provides a strong pathway to enduring success.