1 in 3 teachers report that students are more behind this year than prior to COVID-19. Now there is help for ALL families!

PLEXUSS PRIME provides students with UNLIMITED
ONE-ON-ONE tutoring for under $10 per month!
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Our mission is to help
students everywhere.
83% of our Students
Go to a Four Year University
Point to PLEXUSS and MyCounselor® as being influential in getting them there.
Nearly 70%
We invest in successful futures for all students and create boundless opportunity by democratizing access to counseling and mentorship resources.


Penn State
“MYC® helped me shape my college admission essay. The team gave me guidance on topics that resonated with my personal experience. I received professional and courteous attention from the MYC® team of counselors. The mobile app and on-demand chat was simple and easy to use.”